The space between thoughts

I walk into a metro, never denying my thoughts of sex, knowing and following that I will think of sex at all intervals between consecutive distractions. It’s the same for everyone else, at least those seated in the opposite seats. I lay my silky ass on one of the seats and immediately, all eyes on me. I’m okay with that, I’m even okay with some of them fucking me with their eyes alone with incessant staring. I’m okay with that, it’s natural, and I’d rather you invest your time believing what you like and follow your heart out, even if that involves being an object of fantasy, a living dream for hungry eyes, and I know how much it hurts to not be able to follow your gut, there’s nothing wrong with all of you.

The problem lies with those few, who actually have more criminal issues with sex, and there’s lots of those everywhere. Injury to self is always on mind, a fear of bullying or being molested, raped or even worse, killed. Many of these fears have no rational root, at least not to the extent of thinking of the worst possible outcome with every flight/flea response, but a bad emotion is a bad emotion, it is better felt than denied. A lot of release comes form therapy, connecting with your childhood and listening to your penis. The space between thoughts, yes, as if you didn’t know! No self loving homosexual will deny it. Feed that space, with care, respect and nurture like your hetero counterparts, or any sexually identifying, aware human that comes your way. 

Thoughts of sex are the underlying God within, or the God we’re in, however you put it. Spiritual gargle at best. Then there are those, who openly term thoughts of sex/God as against our Indian culture. That is to say faith in God is against our culture. That is to say we are all hypocrites and liers. What would you say to a country of such people? Of liers and hypocrites? Is the poverty, malnutrition, slavery, bullying, rape, discrimination on all conceivable grounds, countless suicides, and dare I say murder, any surprise? You know now. What is and what isn’t your culture. 

Have a good day, and dare I say, night, all cultured Indians!!!!!! :D


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